Many times we find ourselves in a fix thinking of where to get that breathtaking shot that will have everyone wowing at the sight. Sometimes we get lucky and find a very good photographer but the price for just a shot not to mention a whole coverage has you at “on looking”. Some times its affordable, the photographer is good but the whole design and creativity is completely lacking.

Well I am glad to inform you all that I think I have a solution to your photography, design and creativity problems. Be it Fashion shoots, weddings, birthdays, events, Learning, creativity, designs, graphics etc. BANTU STUDIO got you covered and guess what?! Its VERY affordable and every penny spent won’t be regretted.

So I urge you to seat back, read the profile and make that booking today and thank me later.

                                       BANTU STUDIO PROFILE
Business Overview:
Bantu Studio is a creative consulting agency that was established in 2014 in
Abuja Nigeria. Our business is based on helping our clients formulate and
implement creative business strategy that helps improve their brand awareness.
We have three core product offerings; Photography services, Graphic Design
and Creative Content Consulting. The photographic services are rooted in the
fashion industry, with international experience in photo and video production for
large brands. The graphic design division is geared toward helping improve our
client’s corporate image with features like logo, brochure and package design
including but not limited to multimedia presentations. The creative consulting
service, which includes brand experience, visual and verbal identity and creative
content development, is a combination of all our competencies and services to
create and implement innovative business solutions for our clients. This will in
turn help our client’s customers have a better understanding of their brand and
Core Values:

• We believe in thoroughly collaborative process with our client’s
• We are dedicated to helping our clients find and express their core brand
identity through compelling design experiences.
• We believe in melding professionalism and adventurous thinking in
everything we do
• We believe in creating holistic brand platforms for emerging and
established business while aligning focusing on sustainability.
Photographic Services
Wedding/Event Photography
Fashion/Editorial Photography
Product Photography
Model Portfolios
Look-book Shoots
Video Production
Video Post-Production/Editing
Photo Retouching Services
Photo Restoration
Photo-books Graphic Design
Logo Design
Brochure Design
Package Design
Multimedia Presentations
Trade Show Display Design Creative Services
Corporate and brand identity
Brand Assets/Guidelines
Visual and verbal identity
Digital content
Creative content development
Brand experience
Illustration and retouching
Bantu Media’s goal is to create Brand Driving Ideas that deliver Legacy,
Sustainability and Return on Investment for all our clients. Our vision is to
formulate unique and innovative business solutions that not only strengthen

brands but also enhance their bottoms lines.
Bantu is owned by the ever vibrant and jovial Terna Iwar, A graduate of New york film Academy where he majored in Photography, He worked with Laura Baiinzi and Mica both in New york after graduation before he decided to come back home to start his own studio. Below are a few of his works both Home and Abroad. 


Bantu Studios  
Suites 7 8 Nochiz Mall, | No 8 Gwadu Street,
Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Garki,
Abuja, FCT Nigeria.
Instagram: @ternaiwar
+234 (0)810 138 4973
Think Photography… Think BANTU… And get BANTUFIED


Life is full of surprises and difficulties. A twist of fate can make your life miserable or blooming as the spring flower. Some people know how to handle the miseries, some don’t but instead let the inner fights surpass and resulting to pushing the people around them away.

Everyone has their struggle in life, you think you have the greatest of problems till you hear the next persons and then you realize yours is even better. No Struggle is not worth the concern but I personally feel what every struggle or problem we face, trying to look at the brighter side of it helps in over coming it, It makes us stronger in every way. 

Last year September I watched a movie called “The fault in our stars” If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do but make sure you have you hankie with you. This movie had me crying like a little child, I didn’t even care people were around me. It was a story about a girl called Hazel who had terminal thyroid cancer that had spread to her lungs, she became really depressed and was encouraged to join a cancer group where she met Augustus who was so full of life even after losing one leg from bone cancer. Augustus made Hazel see that life was beautiful and worth living every single day to perfection in good health or not. Long story short, Augustus had a relapse, the cancer spread all over his body and was terminal. This didn’t stop him, he was stronger and even had a pre burial done for him so he could be in attendance before the burial when he would be no more. He died eight (8) days later. 

This movie made me realize that Life is beautiful and worth a lot more than worrying and feeling downcast most of the time. People have struggles more challenging than you and they still stay strong and fight to overcome them. At times, I think the world around me is crumbling to the ground, but it never does. Like most people, I face the crunches of deadlines and endless demands on my time, but I have never encountered the type of adversity that can crush people, that can drive people crazy, that can drive them to suicide. 

So in the spirit of Easter, I urge you to stay strong, pray, have faith and believe that God has you covered and what ever situation we find ourselves in it’s just God testing us and preparing us for greater things.




Funny how everyone of us have actually changed money from those mallams that stay on the road side at Shitta Surulere, Allen Ikeja, Sheraton Abuja, and so many other places I don’t even know about.

A couple of people might have heard about it, some even fallen victims of their evil plot.

So 3 weeks ago, I went out with my girls and on our way back home, we had to pass through and change money, we went to Federal palace but the bureau men couldn’t be found probably had gone to sleep. We decided to check Eko hotel, we got lucky and saw one standing outside. Driving towards the man, one of my friend started telling us how she was once duped by a bureau man at the Benin border, asking her to explain further, she said when she changed the money, she counted it in front of him and it was complete, getting home the money looked shortened so she decided to count again and found out ten thousand(10, 000) was missing. How it happened only God knows, My other friends confirmed it that they had heard of such before, some even said you could get home and discover all the money gone. Shock was an understatement, I was horrified beyond words, how wicked and evil can some people get? I still look for the answer. Two weeks after this discovery, my colleague came to work looking gloomy. After asking what was wrong, she told me how she was just duped at Allen Ikeja. She stopped to change money, she  had counted the complete money in front of the man and getting to the bank to deposit, the money was shortened. This was real proof to me this thing wasn’t just talk, it was REAL!!!

After thinking of what to write about today, I decided to tell this little tale and advice anyone who wants to change money to always go to a bureau the change office. It’s better safe than sorry.




So after much thinking and racking my brain about what to get busy with while I’m just sitting in the office mopping, I decided to join the thousand and one other people and start a blog.

First of all, I would love to introduce myself, My names are Tracy-Maria Nguamo Dabul, I’m a 5.3 short( although my colleague would say average) girl. birthday is october 15th and I’m proud to add I share this day with my best friend(my mother). I love meeting new people and learning new things, and yeah, I love cooking although work has made that almost impossible. I’m extremely lazy, trying really hard to work on that and yeah I use to be  a sucker for love even though now I’m proud to say that shii overrated don’t get me wrong oh, love exists and its a beautiful thing when shared with the right person, but trust me it’s not the way the movies make them look especially Telemundo…….

Anyways no need for much talk, have to get back to work, I’ll be posting soon so watch the page and see you all soon mwaaah….