A friend of mine told me of how she was having a charity event were she was going to get materials and sew Christmas dresses for a hundred children in a rural settlement. She asked us to come help out, typical me I couldn’t imagine driving or even taking a taxi from Surulere all the way to Ikeja on a Sunday when I’m meant to be resting. She challenged me, this is a lady who’s house got burnt down, everything her family owned was burnt to ashes. She had taken funds to sit down and sew clothes for 50 kids and all she needed was hands to help with the distribution and here I was making flimsy excuses about whether or not to go, thinking about the blazing hot sun and the distance. I covered my face in shame and ordered that lazy spirit to depart from me then I got my friends involved. 

This is the season of showing love and in this our present situation, the smallest gesture of love is all we need. So immediately after church, I greeted the important people I needed to greet and off we went to lend our support. Less than half way into our trip, the unthinkable happened. My car’s fan belt chose that minute to pack up….. shot! I struggled with the stiff steering and parked safely home. This wasn’t going to stop me, hell no! I had made up my mind to go and going was I definitely going to. So I logged on to my uber app, surge HA! devil is a liar. Time was running out, surge was going higher.wallet wasn’t too buoyant but all I knew was I was going for the charity drive. So I asked my friend if she was still interested to being a part and of course she jumped at the opportunity. So we headed to the busstop to try and get which ever means of transportation we could afford. This rickety cab stopped; not minding how unclean and rugged it looked, we priced and off we went to our destination.

Getting to the location “monkey village” as its called, was a total surprise, who would have thought a place like this exist in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos capital.

At the entrance of the settlement, we were welcomed by some hard faced looking boys who were smoking, too scared to bring out our phones to call for directions, we kept moving till we saw a lady who’s face didn’t look so hard and she was nice enough to direct us to where the sharing was going on. So holding on close, bag well tucked under our armpits we headed to the location.

 The number of kids I saw, the number of clothes she made, the food, drinks all placed to put smiles on their faces blew my mind away. She had budgeted 50 clothes but ended up making 100. Impressed is an understatement; I was totally proud and happy to be associated with someone with such a heart. 

In this period of recession where everyone seems so vulnerable, a lady who a few months ago lost everything she had in less than two hours go through so much just to see others happy was just too encouraging. It was like a challenge to me and I’m believing to everyone of us. Looking at the community, how dirty and unkept it was, then hearing they get tormented by crocodiles sent chills down my body. I couldn’t help but thank God for everything he’s been doing in my life and that of my family.

This experience opened my eyes to a whole lot, it has showed me that we don’t have to have the world to show a little act of love to those who don’t have nothing at all and people around us. We should learn to always appreciate what we have cause there are people out there who have little  or nothing at all. Last but not the least a little act of kindness can change a whole lot than we can ever imagine. In this Christmas season I employ us all to come together to keep the flame of love burning cause with the many tragic news and problems happening around us, love is the only sustaining factor that’ll help keep us moving on. And for everyone who has gone out of their way to show love and put a smile on someone’s face, I say a big THANK YOU and God bless.





Today was a sad reminder of how short life truly is, seeing a lady that has always been so full of life now so helpless and gone was so heart wrecking. I looked at the kids she left behind, even though a little grown I still felt their pain, no one deserved to lose their parents especially when they hadn’t gotten the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labour and now orphaned having lost their father

image six years ago from almost the same circumstance. Was so saddening.

Replaying all the times I was privileged to spend with her brought a little calm to my heart even though the pain of how instantly she left still weakened me. It brought back memories of friends and family I had lost so far, I remembered speaking to some today and next day they were no more. I remembered how their passing affected me and how I learnt to deal with that void.

 and once again I thanked God for every experience I had with them.image

We currently live in a world of increasing hatred, harrowing violence, and startling intolerance. A world were people spite each other, stay trying to bring the other down at every opportunity.

imageI wish people could just get along and see beyond trifling differences. I wish everyone, including myself, could live life to the fullest every day, embrace the opportunity we have and appreciate everything and everyone around us.

I hope that after reading this, you take a pause from your busy day. I hope you discount your urge to complain about trivial things. I hope you employ a larger perspective toward life, surround yourself with positivity, let go of all that guard, focus more on things  and people that make you happy.

It may sound cliché, but life indeed is too short.




Life is full of surprises and different events. A lot of controllable ones and very few controllable. Something happens that tend to change our look on life and the things around us, sometimes its the stories we hear, book we read or movies we watch. It takes us on a journey of rediscovery and total recheck of our lives, what we are doing that isn’t right and what better way to make right our wrongs.

We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all done things we regret. Or we haven’t done things and we regret not acting. We’ve all failed to step up, or step in, or show support, or lend an ear or shoulder..


Maybe you feel you’ve moved past it. Maybe you feel the other person has moved past it, too, no matter how much time has passed, it still colors every subsequent interaction. Say you’re sorry. Don’t go I’m sorry with plenty explanations, just apologize and mean it. Take that bold step and do what is right. Make things right with everyone cause life is too short.

Everyone loves to be appreciated, even God smiles when we say thank you for gifts he has given. So how is it a crime if we also want a little appreciation now and then. Look around you, identify those who have gone out of their way to make you happy.


And show some kind of appreciation, a thank you very much would go a long way. So stop making excuses, let down your ego and over bossy attitude and appreciate the people who have gone out of their way for you.


Our failures, our mistakes and our weaknesses are usually at the forefront of our minds. It’s natural and normal to want to improve in the things we do not do well, but our energy would be better spent focusing on the things we do well.

Don’t let what you can’t do hold you back from doing what you can do. In other words set your sail by your strengths.

Embrace your passion and allow your strengths to grow. Your confidence in your abilities will naturally grow as well. Remember stay true to yourself at all times, challenge yourself and show love to everyone. A simple smile to anyone you come across would go a long way, considering how tough the world is right now.


Lastly start from today to make your happiness your number one priority. Do things that make you happy. Surround yourself with positivity and let go of all the negative thoughts and energy.



After a tummy reaction and trying to figure out what kind of dessert to have that was healthy enough not to upset her already delicate system, she remembered a dessert she had tried out back in Atlanta. Immediately she made a quick home-made one for herself, which wasn’t the best but at least could hold her till she went hunting for the real deal. A hunt started some days later and sadly none was found. Then the idea came to her, why not introduce it here, not just for herself and family but everyone at large, to enable those like her in need of something exciting, yummy and 100% natural and healthy to munch on. After so much deliberation on the number one business killer for such product “unstable electricity” in the country, ROYAL POPS was birthed, the first natural fruit frozen Popsicle (ice lollies) in Nigeria.

When she first introduced the Popsicle feel in the country in 2012, the first order was 10, that didn’t stop her, a country where the heat was so unbearable, a frozen treat that was also healthy was definitely going to get the reception it well deserved and definitely it did. Now the business sells like 5000 in a month.
Royal pops is a natural frozen delight on a stick, made from natural fruits company. NO ADDITIVES, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO WATER. Just squeezed out juice from fruits and frozen on a stick with a Popsicle machine. 21The popsicles come in various flavours. There is the exotic flavours like strawberry berry berry and tropical flavours like pineapple-orange, mango, lemonade, and watermelon. To even spice things up, she introduced the alcohol infused Popsicles, cocktails + Popsicle = Poptails.19

Mojito, daiquiri’s, Baileys, Pinacolada and make any kind of cocktail into a Popsicle. She decided to spice up things more by introducing the creamsicles like strawberries and cream, vanilla, banana, and many more.

From inception the motto has always been “quality is key” and this has been the drive to deliver 100% satisfactory service to all clients.

At present, the brand can be found in almost 20 stores some of which are Spar, Citydia, Lapointe, Delis, Bazaar, Out of Eden, Mandys… Even at events, birthdays, weddings, you name the celebration, just place a call and make the order and the team is there to give the guest that 100% popsicle feel.16

The plan is to get people to let go of the unhealthy preservative foreign brands and embrace our “made in Nigeria” brands. Despite the many challenges faced in our country, The Royal pops brand stays driven to even do better.35

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Over the past week, I got a call that someone I used to know died, when the call came in, it took me completely unawares, this is someone I knew to be so full of life, further asking and I was told he died from Cardiac arrest was even more shocking. I couldn’t understand how someone so young and full of life’s heart would just stop. I used to think Cardiac arrest happened to much older people or footballers because of how they stressed themselves on the field, but a twenty-six year old who didn’t even play ball or did any stressful sport, it was totally confusing.

For a while, I just couldn’t understand it, even though we weren’t close anymore, the whole thing was like an eye opener. Participating in all the burial rites made me realize a lot and changed my look and take on life and things around me. It further opened my eyes to the realization that life is very short and we need to learn to be more accommodating and appreciative to the people around us especially when they make efforts. It also made me realize I need to change somethings about myself, motivate and challenge myself to be a better person.

When I think about the mistakes I’ve made, the unkind words I’ve spoken, the opportunities I’ve let slip by, the unhealthy mindsets I’ve fostered, it makes me want to hang my head in shame. On too many occasions, I have not acted as my best self, the self I want to be. The self I know I’m capable of being. I’ve stood by when I should have acted, I’ve said “no” to life when I could have said “yes.”

But after so much soul searching, I concluded that we can be a “better self.” We can define the best self we want to be and strive daily to come as close to that as possible. Yes, we will forget, We will falter, We will fail at times. However, as long as we keep trying to be better, we are doing our best.

We must learn to find inspiration from the things around us, be it a simple smile or a kind word. We should also learn to appreciate the people around us, our family and friends, think of the efforts they’ve made for you and the sacrifices they’ll make and support they’ll give just so you can have what you have. Combine all of these and get the motivation to strive to become a better person and don’t forget to always pray and believe in God to make everything possible.



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After so much that has been happening around me, from God sparing my life and that of my mum from an accident that was serious but for Gods mercy we came out unharmed. To giving me something I could look forward to everyday and strength to deal with the things I can’t change, I couldn’t help but b thankful. So when a topic came up on a group I belong to where everyone could share their grateful stories and how God has helped them to deal with challenges they’ve faced at some point in their lives, I couldn’t help but ask if I could share some of the stories with my dear reader. Enjoy!


Anonymous 1;

Sometimes we forget what’s important in life.

I am most grateful for life. Sometimes I struggle with understanding my purpose. And that can cause some major detours in this journey called life. A few days ago was my cousin’s birthday. Sadly, he is late. This is the 3rd year he will be missed. We were very close. Since he was in JSS 1, I have been like a mentor to him. Very funny guy. Never a dull moment. But what I remember most about him was that at my lowest point, he was always there with a few words of encouragement. To jumpstart my weak batteries. We went through a lot… I thought him how to smoke benson, he showed me what ‘wisdom smoke’ was. Looool. He relocated to the UK and returned after a while to try to start up things in naija.
Unfortunately, he was shot dead in cold blood by a policeman in festac while his broken down vehicle was being towed… Over N200 bribe.
I haven’t recovered from the shock fully. But it made me realize something….. We are given this life for free. What is it worth to you? Or to someone else. What value do we place on loved ones? Priceless? Recharge cards? Or Sex? Or favors?
I see life differently and go about trying to treat everyone with the utmost respect because life is priceless. It is not worth losing it at any price.
You all are priceless. 😘

Anonymous 2;

I’m thankful for life and it’s lessons: Growing up was rosy, mum was a lecturer,dad was in the house of assembly, But with a twinkle of an eye we lost both parents. Shit happened! shit really went down, we went from having a lot to begging for food….schooling sef was hell, at some point I told my brother I wanted to die, I had suicidal thoughts, did all kinda business in Uniport to survive, sold bedsheets for students….was robbed of about 200k in Aba where I went to get things to sell.Thats when I gave up…..Moving forward, I got my 1st job with experiential in my year3, I would work here, miss classes and only go back to school for exams. I’m grateful to God for where I am, its a far cry from where I was a couple of years ago. Grateful for my family.. for the strong support system they have been to me, and most especially life has taught me to be Patient, that every good thing will come!!!!!


Anonymous 3

I have a whole lot to be grateful for. I am grateful for life and also for my kids especially my first son. I am also grateful for the strength to carry on after I lost my best friend(my dad) 10yrs ago. My dad was my rock, my friend, my mentor, my provider, he was my world. Nursed me single handedly from age 2months with chronic asthma. Sold most of his assets just to give myself and my sister the best in life. After I left school I will buy my dad stuffs and he would reject it saying I should take care of myself first and when the time comes I will take care of him accordingly. When I got visa to come into the Uk,I was super excited cos first thing that came to mind was,now is the time I will adequately care for my dad. But God had a different plan. I lost my precious angel 2 weeks to my coming into the Uk. He fell and that was it. My best friend died few months to his 50th birthday. Didn’t even wait for me to get into the Uk so I could buy him the designers shirt he always wanted to wear but could not buy cos he had to take care of us. Spoke with him on a Wednesday and he asked me to see him on Saturday so we could conclude on somethings. I went to bury my Olayinka on that Saturday. Life is indeed precious. Cherish your loved ones when you still can. Will share the other part of the story later. I am getting all emotional right now.

Anonymous 4

It’s said what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. I’m sure you have all gotten stronger and are better people than you imagined. You’ll all continue to prosper and our loved ones are never really lost, they always remain within us in our hearts. I know what it is like to lose loved ones, 12 years ago I got that call that my dad was in a cat accident and died on the scene. 2 years after my mum was diagnosed with leukemia and went into a coma 2 days b4 she was to be flown out here for treatment. My sisters couldn’t tell me and had to get my friend Ayo to call me. She was my personal person and the one woman who knew all my buttons and understood me better than any… I questioned God’s plan I won’t lie but finally realised that He knows best… I had to mourned her inside (my usual way lol) cos my brother was so broken at the time and I had to keep a brave face for him… I ain’t got extended family as such and the few we have we were shielded from. Bottomline is it really does make u strong. God doesn’t let u handle burdens he hasn’t given u the strength to bear. I’m thankful for the gift of life, good health, knowledge, wisdom, perseverance, lessons and understanding God has bestowed on me. I see everyday that without him I am nothing. Without him we are all nothing at all…


The stories are so many, in life, we are faced with challenges, most times we just want to give up. Just last week my mum told me I lost a family friend, he poisoned himself after a confrontation with his mother. The news touched me so much, I couldn’t understand how a mother could drive her own child she carried for 9months to so much frustration that he decided to take his own life. We can never really know, we just have to learn to be grateful and appreciate everything and everyone around us because we never know what tomorrow holds.

I’ll appreciate if you read and also share your own stories.