Deep in thoughts thinking about life and how tough it can be. I seat and think of how it was growing up, never having to bother about anything cause mum and dad did that. All I had to do was get good grades and live life. Teenage age creeps in and I'm feeling all ready … Continue reading MY THOUGHTS….



A friend of mine told me of how she was having a charity event were she was going to get materials and sew Christmas dresses for a hundred children in a rural settlement. She asked us to come help out, typical me I couldn't imagine driving or even taking a taxi from Surulere all the … Continue reading A SEASON OF LOVE….


Life is full of surprises and different events. A lot of controllable ones and very few controllable. Something happens that tend to change our look on life and the things around us, sometimes its the stories we hear, book we read or movies we watch. It takes us on a journey of rediscovery and total … Continue reading A QUICK REMINDER