Christianity has always been dicey, everyone trying to shove their own opinion and belief about what true Christianity is. So many pastors and prophets we end up not knowing who’s true. A friend of mine shared his view in a write up and I couldn’t help but share.



downloadWhat has happened to us ‘church’ (people)??? Why do we do what everybody that stands behind the mic says, without investigating the fruit first? The truth hurts but I’m here to slice you up with the sword, mangled into poetic words so we can be real Christians again instead of jigaboos! Yeah I said it, Jigaboos; people with a holy facade, like a white face painted over their negro coloured hearts sitting on the back of their busted incised minds; dancing, shouting and singing for human praises like our ancestors, who did it for quarters, nickles and dime. We all are still enslaved ‘church'(people)… Instead of getting excited about the Glory of God, we’d rather be entertaining like human umpires touched by everything that makes love to our five senses. If it looks, smells, tastes, feels, sounds right, then it must be righteous ‘right/wrong’?! I mean, just because you feel tingly on the inside, when someone is singing or speaking just like their heart is bleeding ‘poprocks’ doesn’t mean that they’re anointed, it just means that you are emotionally inclined to face reality or how you feel instead of the Holy truth…

When you go to the grocery store, and pick up a piece of fruit, you examine it to see if it’s rotten right!? …You smell it, turn it around in your hands, press your fingers against its skin to see if it’s ripe, but even though we are called to do the same thing to every person that stands behind the mic and claims to speak on behalf of God, we don’t!! because of our needs to be entertained as is to the need for our flesh to be beaten up and maimed, we continue to sit back and eat rotten fruits. When will we stop buying preachers that are expired!? I mean if you, don’t study to show yourself approved, it makes perfect sense for you to approve of, in and any fool that preaches heresy sprinkled with a little truth, because sound teaching doesn’t seem to matter anymore as long as they can preach good, right!? “Hand gripping the mic, screaming into the crowd, breathing all hard, in between every word, like he’s having a heat attack, organists and drummers all ready in position to play the soundtrack to the spectacle that we want to call worship…

What is happening to us ‘church’ (people)!? There are preachers and prophets in the pulpits profiting off prophecies that profit me ‘NOTHING’ …No correction, no rebuke, no call to repentance, just a new house, a new car, more blessings and even more reasons not to submit and you wonder why your ear can’t stop itching! Well because your body has been infected with sin and Jesus Christ is your prescription but instead of you cleaning out the old made residues with cue-tips covered in conviction producing repentance, you rather hide behind your old negro spiritual worship songs, because you can’t stand the master’s whipping… these men (the master) have pasted Cotten balls over their grey fur to fool the masses, as a matter of fact some of them are our pastors…. you think they are sheep but inside they are ravenous wolves with evil eyes skinning the faith of the saints with their teeth. Don’t blame the Wolf for biting it’s prey little red riding hoods, We’re the ones that let our discerning cease… I hear more about me being the head and not the tail, being above and not beneath, than I do about the existence of Jesus. God says; don’t lie to yourself….


It’s crazy how the highest praise is only sent up when our flesh is getting pleased, what happened to our flesh getting weak? What happened to us sincerely falling to our knees and asking the Lord to show us the parts of us that makes him once a HE, … but until We die on the cross for all the man kind, no human being on planet earth will ever understand true segregation like the SON experienced when he felt forsaken, Christ died so we can be a new creation, so loosen yourself from that noose saturated err-religion are you listening!? You are unknowingly dangling from the tree of the Pharisees, but even the Pharisees saw that going backwards and forward like a seesaw will only give more room for God’s light to expose their hearts, so choose which side you would be on because no one can serve two masters! ….In 1855 the 13th amendment proclaimed that slavery shall no longer exist in the United States, 2000 years ago Jesus Christ in death abolished our spiritual shackles and chains but too many of us have gotten comfortable with religious traditions or too superstitious that we remain enslaved while still proclaiming that we are free! Many of us don’t even realize we’re jigaboos… People with a Christian personality oblivious to our slave mentality… Even Harriet Tubman was quoted as saying; “I freed a thousand slaves and I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves”… So instead of tap dancing and shouting to the beat of our own drum, get on your knees, put your face to the ground where all you can see, taste, hear and smell is repentance and belief and all you can feel is the spirit of God’s million man marching you into an underground railroad not filled with those that have been trained, but those of us that are willing to discard our religious chains and trade in our quarters, nickles and dime for change because our Savior is here and he came to set the captives free.




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