“I don’t know if I’m the only one getting over whelmed by this growing up syndrome. I mean how difficult is this meant to be? My parents never made it look so tasking so why do I feel like there’s some heavy log on my back that just doesn’t want to go off.”

Every now and then, I have this thoughts flooding my head. I seem not to understand why growing up is so tasking. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to be an adult. Now I am an adult I just want to be a kid again. I miss Secondary school, I think those were my most adventurous periods. I miss my friends, I miss only having to bother about getting good grades and eating as much as I wanted. Now, that’s just but a memory, Everything seems so complicated. Food! I have to think about my weight and count calories when I want to munch or eat anything. I have to think about making money, finding a good job, making the right impressions. I have to think about the future, making the right decisions, finding a man, not just any man but the right man, start a family and then the growing up phase of trying to stay married and manage a family continues. Wait! Have I mentioned the bills? oh! the bills or when it seems everyone in your age group is getting engaged and married and you’re still very single? (You don’t even want to go to an aunts house this period or mistakenly meet a pastor that sees the future).


I know a lot of us face this growing up syndrome, the uncertainty of what to expect scares us, especially when We make a mistake or We seem not to be moving as fast as We would love to. Whenever I get overwhelmed with the growing up situation, I’ve learnt to take a deep breath and just believe. I know it’s not going to be easy but I know with determination and faith, We’re going to pull through and leave a mark. If ever you start to get that overwhelming feeling that seems to choke you up, just remember the lyrics of this Song by Tatiana Manaois

You gotta get up
You gotta get up and make a move
‘Cause the world won’t ever see you ’till you do
No, they don’t really care what you’re going through
So, you gotta show ’em, baby
You gotta show ’em the real you
You gotta give ’em what you’ve got
No, don’t let them see what you’re not

‘Cause you are strong
You are wise
You are worth beyond a thousand reasons why
And you can’t be perfect, baby
‘Cause nobody’s perfect, darling
But no, no, no, no, there’s nobody in the world
Like you




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