There’s this Bbm social group I belong to “shout out to cruisers” ✌. So weekly We’re tasked to do something and this week we were tasked to write about our mentor. Th​is task pushed me to write a little article about my own mentor on this platform. Even though this isn’t half of how she has inspired me to strive to be a better person but it is just an insight to it.

​My mother, my rock, my best friend, my number one cheerleader. My mother has to be my number one mentor, her strength amazes me, the way she carries herself even in tough situations I can’t begin to put it together.  Being a single mother for 21 years and keeping it all intact. A lot of people expected her to fail but she never did. She always held it together. 

Sometimes we would be home with just N5 in the whole house but you’ll never know because she made it a duty to have the house stocked with enough food. I remember in 2004 when she fell ill. I thought I was going to lose her. We share the same birthday. The best gift God has given me. This particular birthday, in her ill state my mum came all the way just to spend that birthday with me. I remember her sitting under the tree. The slimmest I’ve ever seen my mother. With a cake next to her just to wish me a happy birthday. I tried to hold myself together from breaking down because, I knew I had to be her strength at this challenging time. When I went back to my class. I cried so much that day and I begged God to keep this woman long enough to enjoy the fruit of her labour. 

My mother has the kindest of heart, sometimes too kind to a fault but who am I to complain, that’s who she is. And as much as I hate to admit it sometimes, it has rubbed off on me. Looking deeper, it has opened doors of opportunities I have never imagined. My mum can go hungry just so the next person can be satisfied. Even with all the disappointments and ungrateful attitude she has received, she has remained the same kind hearted woman.

With all these qualities, I begin to wonder who can be a mentor to me than this woman who has sacrificed so much not just for me as an only child, but for so many others who aren’t even related.

Everyone has that one person that inspires and motivates them to be a better person. I feel we should all find time to appreciate that person. That appreciation can always go a long way.




4 thoughts on “MY MOTHER! MY MENTOR!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its really feels so sweet to read your eloge while still a life from a trusted daughter and friend. This is a write-up that encourages one to do more and live positively.

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