Deep in thoughts thinking about life and how tough it can be. I seat and think of how it was growing up, never having to bother about anything cause mum and dad did that. All I had to do was get good grades and live life. Teenage age creeps in and I’m feeling all ready to take on the world. In my head I’ve analyzed everything. “The perfect picture” now all is left is for the maturity to set in fully. Passing through secondary feels like a never ending journey but thankfully its over after 6 long years. Then comes the university part were I now feel like I belong, but I’m still eager to get it over with and be classified that “big girl”.

If only I knew, I won’t have been in such a haste I say to myself most times when I’m alone deep in thought. Done with school life is definitely not as rossy as I imagined, everything feels like a struggle to get and sometimes feels like things falling “apart” instead of “in place”. I begin to wonder if I’m the only one feeling this way, conversations with people around me make me realise that actually people are going through a whole lot, they might look so put together and happy but deep down they’re fighting what seems like an unending battle of life.

Now everything seems to be falling into place, I’m finally beginning to understand. I finally see what everyone around me who has and still adding one way or the other to my life growth had to go through. There’s now a bigger feel of appreciation.

Life isn’t as simple as I thought after all, the only reason I felt so was because people made so much sacrifices just to see me happy. Life isn’t a bed of roses where what ever you want you get on a platter. You have to work hard to get things done and get that platter served to your taste. Life is complicated and full of challenges, but with determination and believe, you will pull through. And most importantly, life is very short. So enjoy it while you can by doing things that make you happy, cause happiness is the only way to pass through this journey called life.




2 thoughts on “MY THOUGHTS….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very true that we were clueless that life has many challenges because people who love us sacrifice to make us comfortable. As tough as life may seem, God’s unending grace keeps abiding with us. Keep up the motivational piece Tracy.

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