A friend of mine told me of how she was having a charity event were she was going to get materials and sew Christmas dresses for a hundred children in a rural settlement. She asked us to come help out, typical me I couldn’t imagine driving or even taking a taxi from Surulere all the way to Ikeja on a Sunday when I’m meant to be resting. She challenged me, this is a lady who’s house got burnt down, everything her family owned was burnt to ashes. She had taken funds to sit down and sew clothes for 50 kids and all she needed was hands to help with the distribution and here I was making flimsy excuses about whether or not to go, thinking about the blazing hot sun and the distance. I covered my face in shame and ordered that lazy spirit to depart from me then I got my friends involved. 

This is the season of showing love and in this our present situation, the smallest gesture of love is all we need. So immediately after church, I greeted the important people I needed to greet and off we went to lend our support. Less than half way into our trip, the unthinkable happened. My car’s fan belt chose that minute to pack up….. shot! I struggled with the stiff steering and parked safely home. This wasn’t going to stop me, hell no! I had made up my mind to go and going was I definitely going to. So I logged on to my uber app, surge HA! devil is a liar. Time was running out, surge was going higher.wallet wasn’t too buoyant but all I knew was I was going for the charity drive. So I asked my friend if she was still interested to being a part and of course she jumped at the opportunity. So we headed to the busstop to try and get which ever means of transportation we could afford. This rickety cab stopped; not minding how unclean and rugged it looked, we priced and off we went to our destination.

Getting to the location “monkey village” as its called, was a total surprise, who would have thought a place like this exist in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos capital.

At the entrance of the settlement, we were welcomed by some hard faced looking boys who were smoking, too scared to bring out our phones to call for directions, we kept moving till we saw a lady who’s face didn’t look so hard and she was nice enough to direct us to where the sharing was going on. So holding on close, bag well tucked under our armpits we headed to the location.

 The number of kids I saw, the number of clothes she made, the food, drinks all placed to put smiles on their faces blew my mind away. She had budgeted 50 clothes but ended up making 100. Impressed is an understatement; I was totally proud and happy to be associated with someone with such a heart. 

In this period of recession where everyone seems so vulnerable, a lady who a few months ago lost everything she had in less than two hours go through so much just to see others happy was just too encouraging. It was like a challenge to me and I’m believing to everyone of us. Looking at the community, how dirty and unkept it was, then hearing they get tormented by crocodiles sent chills down my body. I couldn’t help but thank God for everything he’s been doing in my life and that of my family.

This experience opened my eyes to a whole lot, it has showed me that we don’t have to have the world to show a little act of love to those who don’t have nothing at all and people around us. We should learn to always appreciate what we have cause there are people out there who have little  or nothing at all. Last but not the least a little act of kindness can change a whole lot than we can ever imagine. In this Christmas season I employ us all to come together to keep the flame of love burning cause with the many tragic news and problems happening around us, love is the only sustaining factor that’ll help keep us moving on. And for everyone who has gone out of their way to show love and put a smile on someone’s face, I say a big THANK YOU and God bless.