Today was a sad reminder of how short life truly is, seeing a lady that has always been so full of life now so helpless and gone was so heart wrecking. I looked at the kids she left behind, even though a little grown I still felt their pain, no one deserved to lose their parents especially when they hadn’t gotten the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labour and now orphaned having lost their father

image six years ago from almost the same circumstance. Was so saddening.

Replaying all the times I was privileged to spend with her brought a little calm to my heart even though the pain of how instantly she left still weakened me. It brought back memories of friends and family I had lost so far, I remembered speaking to some today and next day they were no more. I remembered how their passing affected me and how I learnt to deal with that void.

 and once again I thanked God for every experience I had with them.image

We currently live in a world of increasing hatred, harrowing violence, and startling intolerance. A world were people spite each other, stay trying to bring the other down at every opportunity.

imageI wish people could just get along and see beyond trifling differences. I wish everyone, including myself, could live life to the fullest every day, embrace the opportunity we have and appreciate everything and everyone around us.

I hope that after reading this, you take a pause from your busy day. I hope you discount your urge to complain about trivial things. I hope you employ a larger perspective toward life, surround yourself with positivity, let go of all that guard, focus more on things  and people that make you happy.

It may sound cliché, but life indeed is too short.



5 thoughts on “LIFE INDEED IS TOO SHORT….

  1. Oluwagugu Olorunhero says:

    Abeg tell them. We came with nothing and will surely leave with nothing so why worry and why bother about what people get to be and what they don’t achieve. I have learnt to live and let live, remembering also to live each day like it’s gonna be the last. I have lost enough people to know the value of a simple ‘sorry’. Take a stance now and treat people right. There might never come another opportunity.

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  2. Crouching Tiger says:

    People spend too much time on trivialities, instead of living life fully, looking for how to bring people down, when you weren’t the one that took them up

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  3. OJJ says:

    One day at a time, the hustle of attainment is only relevant when you are assured of tomorrow… If this constantly echo in our mind I think we would take things more easy and learn to live life feeling alive rather life leaving us.

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  4. Rouquie says:

    So true dear. Its so sad that life is full of ironies, like how it takes sadness to appreciate hapiness nd how someones absence is what makes us value their presence. Life is indeed short nd like you said we should focus more on letting go of hate nd embracing things that make us happy….

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  5. Anonymous says:

    So on point. Sometimes it beats my imagination when people take life too seriously when no one seems to know when the call to depart this world will come. I keep praying for His grace to give me an open heart where I can let go of any hurt I get immediately so that His kingdom will be for me when I am called. Death where is thy sting? But it is also a lesson for us to adjust our lives and put all our trust and hope in God and not in man. May God give us the grace to acknowledge His supremecy upon our lives. Adieu Mummy.

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