After a tummy reaction and trying to figure out what kind of dessert to have that was healthy enough not to upset her already delicate system, she remembered a dessert she had tried out back in Atlanta. Immediately she made a quick home-made one for herself, which wasn’t the best but at least could hold her till she went hunting for the real deal. A hunt started some days later and sadly none was found. Then the idea came to her, why not introduce it here, not just for herself and family but everyone at large, to enable those like her in need of something exciting, yummy and 100% natural and healthy to munch on. After so much deliberation on the number one business killer for such product “unstable electricity” in the country, ROYAL POPS was birthed, the first natural fruit frozen Popsicle (ice lollies) in Nigeria.

When she first introduced the Popsicle feel in the country in 2012, the first order was 10, that didn’t stop her, a country where the heat was so unbearable, a frozen treat that was also healthy was definitely going to get the reception it well deserved and definitely it did. Now the business sells like 5000 in a month.
Royal pops is a natural frozen delight on a stick, made from natural fruits company. NO ADDITIVES, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO WATER. Just squeezed out juice from fruits and frozen on a stick with a Popsicle machine. 21The popsicles come in various flavours. There is the exotic flavours like strawberry berry berry and tropical flavours like pineapple-orange, mango, lemonade, and watermelon. To even spice things up, she introduced the alcohol infused Popsicles, cocktails + Popsicle = Poptails.19

Mojito, daiquiri’s, Baileys, Pinacolada and make any kind of cocktail into a Popsicle. She decided to spice up things more by introducing the creamsicles like strawberries and cream, vanilla, banana, and many more.

From inception the motto has always been “quality is key” and this has been the drive to deliver 100% satisfactory service to all clients.

At present, the brand can be found in almost 20 stores some of which are Spar, Citydia, Lapointe, Delis, Bazaar, Out of Eden, Mandys… Even at events, birthdays, weddings, you name the celebration, just place a call and make the order and the team is there to give the guest that 100% popsicle feel.16

The plan is to get people to let go of the unhealthy preservative foreign brands and embrace our “made in Nigeria” brands. Despite the many challenges faced in our country, The Royal pops brand stays driven to even do better.35

17To keep in contact with the brand, you can view their website on follow the on their social media;
;Instagram @royalpopspopsicles
Twitter @royalpops
Facebook; Royal Pops Popsicles
Snapchat; royalpops
Phone; 08108435900




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