Over the past week, I got a call that someone I used to know died, when the call came in, it took me completely unawares, this is someone I knew to be so full of life, further asking and I was told he died from Cardiac arrest was even more shocking. I couldn’t understand how someone so young and full of life’s heart would just stop. I used to think Cardiac arrest happened to much older people or footballers because of how they stressed themselves on the field, but a twenty-six year old who didn’t even play ball or did any stressful sport, it was totally confusing.

For a while, I just couldn’t understand it, even though we weren’t close anymore, the whole thing was like an eye opener. Participating in all the burial rites made me realize a lot and changed my look and take on life and things around me. It further opened my eyes to the realization that life is very short and we need to learn to be more accommodating and appreciative to the people around us especially when they make efforts. It also made me realize I need to change somethings about myself, motivate and challenge myself to be a better person.

When I think about the mistakes I’ve made, the unkind words I’ve spoken, the opportunities I’ve let slip by, the unhealthy mindsets I’ve fostered, it makes me want to hang my head in shame. On too many occasions, I have not acted as my best self, the self I want to be. The self I know I’m capable of being. I’ve stood by when I should have acted, I’ve said “no” to life when I could have said “yes.”

But after so much soul searching, I concluded that we can be a “better self.” We can define the best self we want to be and strive daily to come as close to that as possible. Yes, we will forget, We will falter, We will fail at times. However, as long as we keep trying to be better, we are doing our best.

We must learn to find inspiration from the things around us, be it a simple smile or a kind word. We should also learn to appreciate the people around us, our family and friends, think of the efforts they’ve made for you and the sacrifices they’ll make and support they’ll give just so you can have what you have. Combine all of these and get the motivation to strive to become a better person and don’t forget to always pray and believe in God to make everything possible.



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