After so much that has been happening around me, from God sparing my life and that of my mum from an accident that was serious but for Gods mercy we came out unharmed. To giving me something I could look forward to everyday and strength to deal with the things I can’t change, I couldn’t help but b thankful. So when a topic came up on a group I belong to where everyone could share their grateful stories and how God has helped them to deal with challenges they’ve faced at some point in their lives, I couldn’t help but ask if I could share some of the stories with my dear reader. Enjoy!


Anonymous 1;

Sometimes we forget what’s important in life.

I am most grateful for life. Sometimes I struggle with understanding my purpose. And that can cause some major detours in this journey called life. A few days ago was my cousin’s birthday. Sadly, he is late. This is the 3rd year he will be missed. We were very close. Since he was in JSS 1, I have been like a mentor to him. Very funny guy. Never a dull moment. But what I remember most about him was that at my lowest point, he was always there with a few words of encouragement. To jumpstart my weak batteries. We went through a lot… I thought him how to smoke benson, he showed me what ‘wisdom smoke’ was. Looool. He relocated to the UK and returned after a while to try to start up things in naija.
Unfortunately, he was shot dead in cold blood by a policeman in festac while his broken down vehicle was being towed… Over N200 bribe.
I haven’t recovered from the shock fully. But it made me realize something….. We are given this life for free. What is it worth to you? Or to someone else. What value do we place on loved ones? Priceless? Recharge cards? Or Sex? Or favors?
I see life differently and go about trying to treat everyone with the utmost respect because life is priceless. It is not worth losing it at any price.
You all are priceless. 😘

Anonymous 2;

I’m thankful for life and it’s lessons: Growing up was rosy, mum was a lecturer,dad was in the house of assembly, But with a twinkle of an eye we lost both parents. Shit happened! shit really went down, we went from having a lot to begging for food….schooling sef was hell, at some point I told my brother I wanted to die, I had suicidal thoughts, did all kinda business in Uniport to survive, sold bedsheets for students….was robbed of about 200k in Aba where I went to get things to sell.Thats when I gave up…..Moving forward, I got my 1st job with experiential in my year3, I would work here, miss classes and only go back to school for exams. I’m grateful to God for where I am, its a far cry from where I was a couple of years ago. Grateful for my family.. for the strong support system they have been to me, and most especially life has taught me to be Patient, that every good thing will come!!!!!


Anonymous 3

I have a whole lot to be grateful for. I am grateful for life and also for my kids especially my first son. I am also grateful for the strength to carry on after I lost my best friend(my dad) 10yrs ago. My dad was my rock, my friend, my mentor, my provider, he was my world. Nursed me single handedly from age 2months with chronic asthma. Sold most of his assets just to give myself and my sister the best in life. After I left school I will buy my dad stuffs and he would reject it saying I should take care of myself first and when the time comes I will take care of him accordingly. When I got visa to come into the Uk,I was super excited cos first thing that came to mind was,now is the time I will adequately care for my dad. But God had a different plan. I lost my precious angel 2 weeks to my coming into the Uk. He fell and that was it. My best friend died few months to his 50th birthday. Didn’t even wait for me to get into the Uk so I could buy him the designers shirt he always wanted to wear but could not buy cos he had to take care of us. Spoke with him on a Wednesday and he asked me to see him on Saturday so we could conclude on somethings. I went to bury my Olayinka on that Saturday. Life is indeed precious. Cherish your loved ones when you still can. Will share the other part of the story later. I am getting all emotional right now.

Anonymous 4

It’s said what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. I’m sure you have all gotten stronger and are better people than you imagined. You’ll all continue to prosper and our loved ones are never really lost, they always remain within us in our hearts. I know what it is like to lose loved ones, 12 years ago I got that call that my dad was in a cat accident and died on the scene. 2 years after my mum was diagnosed with leukemia and went into a coma 2 days b4 she was to be flown out here for treatment. My sisters couldn’t tell me and had to get my friend Ayo to call me. She was my personal person and the one woman who knew all my buttons and understood me better than any… I questioned God’s plan I won’t lie but finally realised that He knows best… I had to mourned her inside (my usual way lol) cos my brother was so broken at the time and I had to keep a brave face for him… I ain’t got extended family as such and the few we have we were shielded from. Bottomline is it really does make u strong. God doesn’t let u handle burdens he hasn’t given u the strength to bear. I’m thankful for the gift of life, good health, knowledge, wisdom, perseverance, lessons and understanding God has bestowed on me. I see everyday that without him I am nothing. Without him we are all nothing at all…


The stories are so many, in life, we are faced with challenges, most times we just want to give up. Just last week my mum told me I lost a family friend, he poisoned himself after a confrontation with his mother. The news touched me so much, I couldn’t understand how a mother could drive her own child she carried for 9months to so much frustration that he decided to take his own life. We can never really know, we just have to learn to be grateful and appreciate everything and everyone around us because we never know what tomorrow holds.

I’ll appreciate if you read and also share your own stories.



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