After my last post, I wanted to write something, I kept cracking my head thinking what could I possibly write about, what could I share with my readers.  Then my mum called me up to write something sweet for my grandparents sixieth! (60th) Yes you read that right, SIXIETH(60TH) anniversary, so while at that, it hit me, why not celebrate them and the love that exists between them.


My beautiful maternal grandparents, the love and understanding that exists between them still baffles me till tomorrow. My grandma, so calm and peaceful, she is the type to always want to make sure everyone around her is happy and satisfied. While my grandpa, the ever vibrant and energetic old soldier ( thanks to his time in the military). How these two ended up together and are about to hit this milestone of 60 years together, I still wonder.


Growing up with them around was wonderful, I remember how my cousin and I would run to stay with my grandma anything the older ones insisted on watching some scary movie our little hearts couldn’t take, or when the ever untrustworthy NEPA took the light and we were all in the dark, mama would start her night stories, from how tortoise broke his back to how the lion became the king of the jungle. I remember the songs that we learnt with every story told. I remember the bakery down the street called Eunnyland, back then the bread/cake was the key! We always couldn’t wait for grandpa to come around so we could take money and go buy. Grandpa has always been so protective of us, making sure we are all fine.


My grandparents have to be like the most different personnalities you could ever come across, but the understanding between them is like magnet meeting metal. With my grandfather’s vibrant and hyperactive nature, it took just one word from my grandmother to calm him down. Till tomorrow my grandfather always makes it a duty to seek advice from my grandmother before taking any step. How they did it and are still doing it remains a wonder, but at the same time, it has always and will always be an inspiration for me. The way they have handled their challenges and have reached this stage, I couldn’t help but dedicate a post to them.

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” 


Here is me wishing my beautiful maternal grandparents happiness as they prepare to celebrate 60 years together. I also wish everyone out there a love that’s true and strong enough to fight every challenge that comes.



2 thoughts on “A LOVE LIKE NO OTHER….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful. I’m always encourage by the love that exist between those two. If only we can have the fear of God to be so submissive and patient with our partners. This is the story of perseverance. To God be the glory.

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