In difficult times where we feel everything is going entirely different from how we planned, or in time of joy when we can’t help but be grateful for all the good things coming our way, we should always feel free to talk to God.



Talking to God as a tremendous friend is different from just praying to God as a need or duty. As with a friend, you expect back-and-forth communication by noticing how God answers, helps or teaches you. While prayer may be more of a one-way transaction, talking implies a conversation.


Dear God, is as deep as it gets, whenever we say this, we should believe in our heart that we have gotten the father’s attention and what is left is to give him thanks and place all our problems in his hands. At this period, a lot of us are going through different challenges, in relationships, work, family, school. Some of us have been considering giving up.  I just want us to all realise that there’s someone out there who is ready to be our friend and help us with solutions to the challenges we face.


We just need to be better friends with him And we should also learn to thank him at every opportunity we get. So with an open mind to all that’s happening around us, we should start today to build that relationship with this first two words; Dear God.




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