A value system defines who you are and what you are to become in society. It goes without saying that, if a man doesn’t stand for something he would fall for everything. Hence we all should have a certain philosophy to life.


We are told to remember an idea and not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught. He can be killed and forgotten. But hundred years later, an idea can still change the world.

A lot great men and women have come and gone before us. All that is left behind is the ideals and principles of our dearly beloved ones. Should we consider it to be a burden to associate ourselves with these ideas and values passed on through generations? Or uphold, share and pass on these ideas and values on to the next? I employ you to do the later. As this is not just a duty but also an honour to do so.


As a family unit, we are tasked with moulding the future of the society we live in; based on our value system and it’s dynamics. The dynamics of this system may vary with difference in opinions on what is right or wrong. However the case may be, let us all be reminded that “Whatever we do in this life echoes through eternity”.


As an individual we are to be aware of how much we are of importance to the society we live in, we should be confident enough to know our worth and never let anyone make us feel otherwise. Mistakes are expected in every phase of our lives but hey, that’s why we are human. This mistakes shouldn’t be an excuse to devalue us but rather a lesson to help us work towards increasing our value

It is also necessary to point out that as we differ in opinions on certain sensitive issues like feminism, gay rights, abortion, adultery, divorce etc, we are called to exercise a degree of “Tolerance” towards each other. Because everyone is entitled to a socially concious opinion.

May our hearts and minds guide us to a brighter and better tomorrow. Wear your face with a cheerful smile as that’s a reflective image you would love to see. Always endeavour to spread out positive energy.



Tracy says:

A lot of us fail to realise our value, we fail to understand that the value you set in life is what would be used to remember you when you’re gone. We place so much attention on the most unimportant things that before we realise it, its almost late. Yes they say it’s better late than never but why wait for the last minute when you can start now making right all the wrongs and getting your value system on the right track.



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