Confident people are attractive without having to say a word, their carriage, and ability to stand out gains them positive energy people tend to crave. As much as confidence is required in our journey through life, a lot of people lack it. Lacking confidence hold you back from where you could be and what you could have in life.


I remember my present job interview, After I took the aptitude test, deep down I knew I definitely didn’t do my best, so I started praying my mark should at least take me to the second stage of meeting with the management. Luckily my prayers were answered. Putting on my most confident suit, I went in. Three months into the job, the Hr confessed that even though I hadn’t done so well in my aptitude test, the carriage with which I entered the office made her decide to give me a trail and when I sat with the management for the question and answer stage, immediately she knew she had made the right choice. (Don’t blame me, I’m just too confident can’t help myself).

is.jpg1Don’t get it wrong though, I wasn’t always like this. My previous write-ups mentioned that. I use to be a negative thinker and I totally lacked confidence. I always felt fat and cause I wear glasses, I felt I was ugly, so most times when I step out with my friends and guys hit on me, I felt they were just trying to mock me. This negative attitude weighed me down for so long, I even made wrong relationship choices due to it. I would hold on to a relationship that deep down I knew wasn’t worth it, just because I felt if He left, I wouldn’t find another (If you are guilty of this, Please STOP IT!!! you are a beautiful being and deserve the very best). Lacking self-confidence is like self-destructive to ones life. Here’s what you lose by living without your confidence:
1. The ability to be who you truly are.
2. The capacity to love yourself truly.
3. The desire to have healthy strong relationships.


I discovered a simple truth: We are all born confident and our confidence already exists. So the day I decided to let go of my negativity and build up my confidence, my life has changed for the better. You don’t have to go “out there” to “gain confidence.” You don’t have to change or add anything to yourself, you are complete as it is. You just have to take away the noise and the clutter to awaken your confidence. You have to take away what is not working so your true self can come shining through. Here are some tips to keep you going while building that much deserved and needed confidence:
1. Look at what you’ve already achieved
2. Think of your strength
3. Think of what is important and where you want to go
4. Start Managing your mind
5. Commit yourself to success
6. Set small goals and ACHIEVE them

Here’s to being Confident *cheers*



11 thoughts on “I CAN…… I WILL, I’M CONFIDENT….

  1. lilkeffi says:

    Well said Tracy 👏👏👏👏. Confidence is one of the most important behavioural trait we all need especially to make decisions in life. Lack of it only brings regrets on decisions taken. Don’t even want to site my own example now but God dey!!

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  2. Sha-Sha says:

    A wise man once said “Be confident in all, even if its rubbish” Lmao. Ok no wise man said that but at least u get my point.
    Many a people have found jobs, contracts, a listening ear just because of their confidence. I got a job years ago bcos of my confidence even tho I knew I was saying rubbish…well almost rubbish. Lol. The MD liked me and I got the job.

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  3. Rhymes says:

    Nice one Tracy. Also, I think thinking big, especially when it is achievable aids confidence, because the motivation in achieving the dream drives ones success.

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  4. OJJ Stive says:

    Very nice, digging deep to find your true self is the key reason of existence. Stay away from people with negative vibes cos gradually they can kill your self confidence, as long as u feed yourself with positivity daily then you are limitless.
    Tracy thanks for this simple but deep words

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