I must admit, the Nigerian economy seem to be dying faster than we could have ever imagined, Everything in the country is going opposite and the “CHANGE” we all craved for when we went to cast our votes last year has completely failed. It’s like we moved from “managing” to complete “Surviving” To make matters worse, the dreadful Lassa fever is back in  town.

Waking up everyday and having to drag ones self out of bed to start the daily hustle is like torture, The new year just seems totally wrong, January is like a snail crawling on the wall and Foreign exchange is like the worst nightmare ever experienced.

I remember how chocked I felt middle of January, My new year resolution plan wasn’t even ready, I honestly didn’t know where to start from, Work was tiring, Lagos started feeling like a strange place and to top it all up, I started having panic attacks just cause I decided to take the big step and enroll for ACCA (Don’t blame me, the so much ha! really! best of luck oh! exclamations didn’t help). I kept feeling suffocated so I called the best advice giver I have (my mum, Hi5 mama!) and poured it all out. Oh my! best decision ever, cause when I was done talking and she was done dishing out the advice with a little bit of ribs cracking, There and then, I had to admit, I was actually more powerful than I thought.

Deep down, we all know how powerful we are, but it’s so easy to forget.
in our head. It’s so easy to believe the self-doubt.

It’s so easy to give in to the negative voice

It’s so natural to go with the fear and forget the freedom we crave.

It’s so easy to just sit at home, hide behind the television, in our own bubble and feel isolated from the world. We can begin to feel connected by first remembering just how powerful we really are.

We just need a gentle reminder that we are powerful beyond measure, and we are not stuck in
our situation forever. Our lows will pass, and our darkness will end. I know for a lot of us, everything feels upside down, we feel lost and totally out of control. I just want us all to remember that, we are powerful and even if things don’t seem to be going our way, our inner strength will fight to survive all the odds cause at the end, that break through will surely come. As Lenka first verse goes, 

We are invincible, we are unique

We are incredible, we are free

We are beautiful, we are a dream

We are wonderful, you and me

We are powerful




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