When faced with unpleasant situations, it is tempting to ignore and tell ourselves that it will go away in a little while and everything will go back to the way it use to be. We fail to realize that problems don’t just go away, if not handled, they just get bigger and harder to sort out. They are like weeds in a beautiful garden. If not recognized and uprooted early enough, they will dominate the garden and choke the beautiful flowers in the garden. In fact you eventually forget there was once a beautiful garden.

When ever problems come and get ignored, we tend to start accepting them as norms. I remember one time my Friend and I had serious issues, before the outburst, so many things were going wrong and instead of sitting down to talk about it, we both thought ignoring it and moving on was a bigger way of sorting the issues arising (totally wrong move). This misunderstandings continued for a while and we kept on making excuses instead of confronting the situation. We concluded they were just normal issues friends ought to face. Our once jovial relationship gradually became sour and eventually the littlest of issues led to the deepest outburst that could have been avoided if only we had faced the issues at the very beginning. We started from the very top of all the issues, calling each other out and trying to justify each of our actions. At the end, we both had to accept our faults and promise to call each other out when ever we weren’t comfortable with something rather that holding it back till it just couldn’t be held anymore.

There are many abnormal situations and circumstances in our lives we have become used to to the extent we do not see a need for change. It is possible to become used to poverty and lack, it is even possible to become used to failure because ignoring the problem long enough makes it look as if it isn’t a problem anymore but in actual fact it is a BIG problem because you won’t be living the kind of life you should be living.

Don’t get me wrong, We can’t always get it right, we are all open to making mistakes. I for one like to see my problems as a “challenge” to do better, because when looked at as a problem, it means a “dead end” to no solution but when looked at as a “challenge”, it is a push to making things better.

Finally, laugh at your problems, trust me everyone around you has one they just learnt to deal with it. It is also important to realize that no matter how big your problem may seem at the time, it has a solution and it is usually not the end of our lives as we may often feel. And as long as you are breathing, no problem is beyond solving. there is always hope to those that look for it. A free and fun mindset alone will go a long way in helping you deal with your problems. Look ahead with confidence, stay focused on what you want not what’s in your way. Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams. Believe that in every situation, there is a solution on the way and God has you covered so say a prayer and take that bold step.



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