So last week while My friend and I were driving home after a long boring day at work, we got into our usual drive home chat and seat belt talk came up and she goes “This should be your next blog topic you know”. So here I am, talking about the importance of seat belt and telling all those who feel too big or feel it is a big deal having to strap that belt to start rethinking.

We talked at length of how it puzzles us when people make it a big deal strapping their self belts, We even mentioned a few people we know who had been involved in accidents but got saved from severe damage just because they had their seat belts on. I even remembered a family friend who died some years back from a car accident (May her soul continue to rest in peace. Amen), the force of the car hit had thrown her out of the car, if she was putting on her seat belt, maybe, just maybe she would have been alive today. 
 My friend started telling me about how she got into a bus one day and sat in front, while the bus was in motion she beckoned to the policeman to use his seat belt. Instead Mr policeman goes “Don’t worry, it doesn’t apply to us can’t you see my uniform”. At this, my friend couldn’t help but ask the man if death also didn’t apply to him, she was so disgusted by his excuse for not wanting to use his seat belt she found herself giving him a piece of her mind. Trust the other passengers to start laughing and pitching in. The police man didn’t have to be told again, he strapped up immediately. Sadly, lots of uniform people do this a lot, they feel because they are all dressed in their uniforms they don’t need to obey the highway rules. They forget that this particular rule is actually a protector from severe injuries during accidents. Let’s even forget about the uniform men, A lot of us are actually like these uniform men. When ever we see there’s no road safety official on the road or we feel where we’re going isn’t that far so why strap up. We fail to realize that, that singular act of strapping up whenever we enter a car can actually save our lives.
Earlier this year, a family friend was driving to work, he works on the mainland and stays on the island so has to use third mainland bridge everyday. So on this day, while approaching third mainland bridge, just before he would climb the bridge, he lost control and his car spanned till it hit the edge of the bridge and stopped. Thanks be to God, he came out without a scratch, although he went to the hospital to get checked properly and was given drugs to relieve any pain he might feel. Later that day, when he was over the shock, he told us how his seatbelt actually saved his life, while the car was spinning his seatbelt held him firm to the seat preventing him from being forcefully pulled out of the car.

So when I hear people complain about how it is so much stress putting the seatbelt, I can’t help but laugh and tell them how important it is cause truth be told, we never know when a car can decide to have a mind of it’s own and decide to play a quick one on us. I pray none of us every get to experience such but even at that, lets try to be careful and BUCKLE UP!!!


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