Growing up, we heard a lot of the first two by our parents, loved ones and close friends. It made us happy, it made us feel worthy and totally important. But along the way, a lot of us forgot these words, maturity set in, life struggles took over and we completely lost touch of our importance in life. We became destabilized and lost. But I just want to say these words to you all,

You are important.
You are loving and lovable.
You are capable of anything you want.
You are worthy of happiness and success.
Any time you feel depressed and out of place, remember these words. Decide to start feeling thus because the minute you let go of the negative energy and absorb the positive, to turn your life from a state of struggle and loneliness to a state of self-approval and self-acceptance, then will these words start to sink in better.

It isn’t a sin to be broke, ask Dangote if you ever meet him, he’ll tell you his been there before. 
We all make mistakes, no one is perfect, don’t let anyone fool you, we all have our different challenges and have all made our mistakes. Some are past it, some are still on the recovery journey so deal with your mistakes and move on. 
Not everyone can like you, there’s no need trying to please everyone, so stop the pleasing and start doing things that make you happy. 
It’s not a curse to be heart broken or go through a relationship or friendship breakup. Think deep, that experience just added to your knowledge about life and people so make good use of it.
I remember always thinking negative, There’s nothing you tell me you’ll do for me that I’ll believe, I just never wanted to believe I deserved anything good, even my relationships, I always kept believing there was someone else asides me. Yes! instincts are strong, but sometimes, we can actually change the story if we just look at the positive side of it. One day a friend snapped “Tracy can you for once stop the negative thought and start thinking positive gosh!”. That was all I needed to actually take me on the “How I’ve been thinking to “How I should be thinking”. There and then I decided to start loving my self more and doing things that made me happy, Believe in who ever I’m dating and trusting it’s just the both of us in the relationship and giving people the benefit of doubt to actually keep to their promise. Truth be told, I’m not were I would love to have been by now, but I’m definitely in a way better and happier place. Even my friends can testify to how I’ve changed and these was all possible by that snap..
The minute we all learn to imbibe the positive and accept that every situation has a closing date and no matter how bad things are today, tomorrow will be very productive then can we start to realize how important we are to the world.
Let me remind you again in case you have forgotten, YOU ARE……… VERY IMPORTANT AND YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS. So get that worthless thought out of your mind.

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