How long are we going to keep suffering? How long is this war going to continue? How long will we all keep living in fear? How long will things be in disarray?… Everyday I sleep asking these questions, I wake up with  the same questions on my mind, and everyday new stories emerge. I get scared listening to news cause I know its going to be about the explosion here or the slaughtering there.
When I was in university of Abuja, I sleep and wake up scared everyday, when the kidnapping and bombing of schools started, I remember sleeping with a heavy heart and seriously praying and hoping I won’t wake up one day and be a victim. Whenever I have to drive late and I know I might get stuck in traffic, Fear eludes me and I find myself saying silent prayers till I get home. Many times I have tried to figure out when it will all end, many times I have found myself at block roads.

I get into discussion with people trying to understand what is going on, where we went wrong. During discussions and arguments with people, I was made to understand that Boko haram meant “Western education is forbidden”, Okay! so these people don’t like the fact other people have decided to go to school and make a name for themselves, but you see them attacking villages were more than half the people are uneducated. Then came the argument it was a

religious war, Alas! they bomb not just churches but also mosques and of late, their attacks have been on the muslim faithfuls. Finally came the argument of how it was all political, Power changed and we all thought ok! finally peace will reign, but how wrong we were, everyday we hear new stories, it has even gotten scarier, they have apparently come to the west. Now I wonder, when will it all end, when will our great nation become that peaceful and joyful nation where we can all live without fear of the unknown? You get stuck in traffic, you find yourself praying seriously you don’t get robbed. you go to church, you find yourself alert with every body movement by the next person. 

It is so bad that even when things aren’t going well, we find ourselves blaming people. We spend half our time condemning efforts by people, sometimes it’s like a little praise will shorten our life span. During the last elections, people who could afford it left, all in the name of fear of the unknown, at the end everything went smooth and life went on. I remember when there was an increase in fuel, Nigerians stood up and spoke out. I was super proud, I couldn’t believe it, and even though we didn’t achieve our aim 100%, we made an effect and it felt good.

No matter what we do, and where we go to run away from these problems, we will always remain second option. Nigeria is our country. I’m not saying Nigeria has it all good, I’m just saying we should learn to see our good, we should learn to pray for our country and stop the condemnation. Maybe then things might start getting better. Look at America, even with all the problems, before a speech is made or anything is said they say “God bless America” why can’t we imbibe that in our country, why most it always be condemnation and backlash? Why can’t we also learn to say a silent prayer for Nigeria every time. Maybe then, Maybe just then, things might start changing.





I wasn’t going to write about this at first but after deep thoughts and trying to put myself in the shoes of the kids and their mothers, I couldn’t help but blog about it.

Over the weekend, the grand finale of MOTHER-DAUGHTER PAGEANT Organized by silverbird group took place. When we all heard about the pageant, we all were extremely excited and had to commend Silverbird for the effort. The show was scheduled for the 17th of October 2015 and this was the maiden edition so obviously we didn’t expect it to be 100% perfect but at the same time we expected it to be worth it. A week before the grand finale which was to take place in Calabar, the 11 finalists, Mother and child were put on a voting platform were people were asked to vote every hour for their favorite candidate. The voting wasn’t easy cause you had to have a twitter account to actually vote on the site and a lot of people don’t have twitter accounts, some do but don’t use it anymore, like me. So I had to re-open my twitter, those without twitter account had to register just so we could vote for her. Anyway the voting site was opened and we all had to vote and vote did we do. I remember waking up every morning to vote before I get off the bed, it got to a point I had my alarm going off every hour to remind me I had to vote. I even broadcasted to my contacts to please help so my candidate could win. These things I did was done by the whole group and all her friends so first day of the voting when she had almost 1000 votes before the day ended wasn’t a surprise. By the last day of voting, my candidates votes were on 3000+, every other contestant wasn’t even up to 2000. Of cause we were all over joyed that our efforts has gathered so much votes.

Finally the grand finale came, we all were excited, hoping and praying even if our candidate didn’t win at least she would make it to top 3 if really it was about votes. First of all, a show that was to start at 7.00pm had us glued to the television enduring the poor red carpet presentation by 2 Nigerian presenters, finally after 2 hrs 30 mins, the show kicked off by 9.30pm (About time). The show was fun to watch no doubt, seeing the kids and their mothers bond. My candidate #teamrubyree impressed me all the way and I had no doubt she was going to make it to top 5 and if possible win the crown,. But then came #teamJustice with the daughters angelic smile that blew me off. Now I had 2 candidates, #teamrubyree and #teammjustice (who will take the crown).

A commercial break was observed and the top 5 were announced, questions were asked and I must say i was impressed by everyone. Another break was observed and when the show continued, the story changed. The presenter with an unsealed paper announced that apparently it wasn’t top 5 but actually top 6 so the sixth person #teamAngeegift was called up. Okay we all wanted to believe that silver bird wanted to be creative so we all brushed it off and continued enjoying the show. Finally it was time to announce the winner, and woo and behold, the forgotten 6th finalist became the winner of the show( like really, who does that). To justify their actions, the said the winner had more likes on Facebook and Instagram (hmmmmmm abeg isn’t it that is the voting site? how Facebook and instagram take join?) Anyway I agree they had more likes on Facebook and instagram that people can actual buy likes (I didn’t say they bought oh, I just dey talk my own). But that doesn’t count much, Top 5 yes! even the so called Top 6! but to now announce them winner? haba thats just completely questionable, The #TeamRubyree with the highest votes on the website didn’t even make it to top 3 so why create a voting site? smh!. Anyway I want to believe the governor who witnessed it had his own doubts because he stood up at that point and declared 1million each to all contestants.

As I said earlier, I never wanted to write about my thought concerning that pageant but after putting myself in the kids and mothers shoes, I just couldn’t help myself. Like I know most contests they cheat and all, but cheating so openly mehn its just so wrong on all levels and in front of 8 year olds who put in so much effort HABA!!!!. Like the main aim of the show has been lost. So for those of you that watched the show, I would love to hear your own views. Thank you.



For a while now, I’ve had different questions going back and forth in my head, I have had discussions with a couple of people to find out their own opinion about it, to find out if i’m the only one who finds these questions weird and why things just have to be that way and so I have decided to share it with my readers and get your own opinion about it.


1. Why is it that gossip sells way more than other news that add value to ones life?

2. Why are bride prices so ridiculously expensive and high?

3. Why do we feel the need to compare ourselves withe the Europeans?

4.  Why do people feel the need to lie so much in other to get their way?


1. I seem not to understand why gossip sells way more than inspirational, political, and other news. But yet again, everyone wants to know what’s going on in every ones life. So I guess snooping around and hearing how a suppose perfect person’s life isn’t all that perfect brings excitement to us.

2. You go to some tribes/states in Nigeria and when you are told of how much one has to spend or give the family in order to marry their daughter, you begin to wonder if that daughter is for sale. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against bride prices, all i’m saying is people should start being realistic. I recently read an article where a prospective son-in-law who is a banker earning less than 300k monthly was asked to donate 2 million to renovate his soon to be father in-laws house. This was just one of the many other things he was given to get and do before he could go ahead and marry their daughter. If you task him so much and he eventually marries the girl and starts maltreating her and then goes “you belong to me, I have bought you from your family so please don’t complain”. Isn’t this more like what the family have done indirectly all in the name of bride price.

3. This one bursts my head all the time. especially when guys feel the need to tell us black girls how when you go abroad the bill is split between the guy and girl. Abeg did we beg you to take us out, If you can’t handle it, DON’T DO IT. Or the fact a black lady tells you how she can’t go to bed with you and you start the lecture of how Nigerian girls are long, like to form and are too difficult. Lets realize different cultures, different way of doing things. If you have a problem with how we behave, I believe you can always go the other way but the whole comparison is not called for. That is why they are Europeans and we are AFRICANS.

4. Last but not the least, I just can’t seem to understand this last one, a guy tells you how he’s single and all and come christmas or any long holiday you find out you were but the other woman AKA side chic.
 Or a Lady who has someone she’s about to marry keeps leading another guy on. I feel life isn’t that deep. If you want something from each other, say it and let that other person know what’s on ground its either they agree or they don’t. But leading someone on and at the end sidelining them is just going to complicate that person’s life and affect his or her self esteem.

As I said, these are my own opinions to these questions, everyone has theirs, some may agree with mine or some of mine and others my outrightly disagree. We learn new things everyday and I would really love to learn of your own opinion on the matter so please read and share your opinion.