Half the time we tend to blame people for our problems, when things aren’t going our way or how we expect it to go we look for who to take the blame. Why can’t it ever be our fault, why can’t it be something other than “SOMEONE”. Why do we feel that someone is always responsible?

 I read an article by someone in the same bbm group as I am and I couldn’t help nodding at every word he wrote. He talked about the African tradition were we tend to blame illnesses, backwardness and problems on what we Africans know as jazz(blackmagic). “I lost my job” (Ah! my village people are following me oh). “He is very sick” (His enemies are at it again). “She has been married 8 years no issue” ( they have tied her womb). Why can’t it be that he wasn’t performing well and so he had to be laid off? or Due to his high intake of sugar he is now diabetic. or you’ve got an irregular period or there’s been an implantation that’s affecting your getting pregnant. Many times we fail to access ourselves and our attitudes towards things before we start the blame game.   I am not saying we don’t have enemies or people who just don’t want us succeeding, I’m only saying before we start the blame game, why don’t we try to access ourselves and behavior towards life.

A friend once told me about a cousin of his who had things going very slow for him, he kept complaining of how his family never wanted to help and how no one cares. Going from this pastor to that, situation got worse. Pastors said it was his family who were after him. one even told him his destiny wasn’t in this country but his enemies were fighting tooth and head just so he won’t achieve anything.
Alas! that was all he needed to conclude the only reason things weren’t going well was because his enemies were at work. This cousin had dropped out of school a long time ago, he is extremely lazy and feels he is above some certain jobs been given to him and finally, he believes his well to do family are meant to put him on salary because they are doing well and his their last child. When I heard this story, I couldn’t help shaking my head at such behavior, Here was a man who was literally uneducated, lazy and proud blaming someone else for his misfortune(How do some people even think). He wasn’t even ready to make an effort but he wanted the miraculous manna to fall from heaven. Sadly this cousin of his describes a lot of people in Africa.

I also remember when one of the western states was affected by an unknown ailment that claimed the lives of indigenes, people concluded that the gods were angry with the land and as a result had placed a curse. After research it was found out that the cause of death was Local gin(Ogogoro). If you have ever seen how they make and hawk that drink, i’m sure you won’t be surprised. This behavior pushes one to start going from pillar to post all in the name of looking for solution and at the end compromising the situation.

Almost every situation has to be diabolic or fingers have to be pointed at someone. Why can’t it ever be our fault? Why can’t it be our attitude? Yes! Not everyone can like us, but everyone has their own problems they are trying to take care of, so why do you think you are so important that they’ll waste so much energy on you. The minute we stop the blame game, start believing in God and working towards making our lives and attitude better, the better for us. As they say “Faith without effort is worthless”.