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So after cracking my head all day about what to blog about, the only thing I could think about was a praise article about my little cousin AJ. it’s funny how this little champ inspires me to strive to be the best I can be, it’s not about his words, but his actions and behavior to life.

Born June 9th 1997, he came into the world filling the whole house with so much joy and happiness, initially we all wanted a girl but when he came, his cute face swept away all the girl wanting fever like a tornado.

Having to watch this little champ grow up to a handsome man beating all the odds to make his passion a reality has completely won my admiration for him. Growing up, his dad who has a strong passion for music enrolled him at Muson to learn the piano, but he didn’t stop there, at 14 when his senior brothers were far away in uni, his love for music had him going to youtube to learn the act of music production,  He also learnt  how to play the guitar. Having such a wonderful voice and mixing his new acquired skills together, he gathered all the instruments he could get and set up a mini studio in his room where he made wonderful beats https://soundcloud.com/bantucollective/06-spiritual this has been my all time favorite. With the support of his parents, brothers and family, BANTU studio was formed and his musical name Tay was sealed.

I remember the very first day I heard him sing, I couldn’t help myself, I was completely filled with emotions. Here was a boy I carried when he was a baby, singing and playing his guitar with so much passion. To say I was proud would be an understatement, I was completely blown away.

Everyday I thank God for him, cause I might not always say it but his like my little inspiration, His driven passion makes me realize that if I put my mind to something, I can always achieve it as long as it is what I enjoy doing. you can view more of his work on http://tayiwar.com/.

I believe in him, and I know that one day the world would get to hear about this Benue boy that found his passion, and pushed himself to get everyone to acknowledge it and support it. Thumps up Austin ‘Tay’ Iwar.



2 thoughts on “HIS NAME IS………………….. AUSTIN ‘TAY’ IWAR….

  1. Naijafotos says:

    Very nice. Good to know that we have young people who are dedicated to what they believe in. By the way he is 18 years, am not sure if you are much older than him, because you wrote like a big aunty. Lol.


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