Many times we tend to hurt the people around us with our words, actions and attitudes towards them, sometimes we do it to feel good with ourselves, feel like we have achieved something great and totally ignoring how that person will feel, how our attitude will affect that person’s self esteem. Imagine if the tables were to turn and we were on the receiving end? how will we feel? how will we react? how will it affect us? Just imagine….

When I hear stories about how guys deceive girls or the other way round, I wonder to myself. Have you ever imagined being in that persons shoes? or someone really close to you getting caught up in deceit and heart pain. WHY? why do we have to lie or decieve people for our own selfish reasons? Life isn’t that serious. I believe if you want something, approaching the matter and laying out your proposal will definitely lead to an agreement which will be a yes or a no. The whole lies and deceit isn’t needed cause at the end, your hurting someone. Your killing his/her self esteem, Your rendering them powerless and only God knows how they handle such heart pain/ deceit.
Sometimes a person just needs someone to trust, someone to confide in, share his/her problems with without being judged or made to look like the worse. Nobody is above mistakes, nobody is perfect. But when you feel you have gotten that person who you think you can trust and confide in and that same person turns round and stabs you in the back, how then are you meant to handle it, how do you then start to pick up the pieces to mend the broken self.
Imagine the tables turned? imagine if that person you have hurt, deceived, used, stabbed and bruised wasn’t that person but you. IMAGINE if you were the one your attitude had been played on, how will you feel? how will you react? will it be funny, pleasurable? If not, then why do it to someone else? If you really want something and can’t get it then its not meant for you. Don’t push it, let things flow naturally. cause at the end, what ever you do to others will definitely come back to you, good or bad thats why the word KARMA was invented and in the bible it was written. WHATEVER YOU SOW, YOU SHALL REAP.
For those who have been hurt and felt broken at one point in their lives, remember, thats life and things like this are only there to toughen us for the world we live in. So stay strong and keep believing

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