On Friday 24th of July was my girl Annabel’s birthday, We had so much fun no doubt. She had a dinner were we all just chilled, gisted, cracked jokes and had enough oshofree (free things) food. All in all the day was a well spent day after a stressful week in Lagos traffic and going head to head with clients and bosses.

Now I’ve got to admit the day had me overjoyed, not because of the dinner were I was surrounded with friends (never a dull moment people) but the fact the post I wrote http://tracydabul.blogspot.com/2015/05/a-support-for-their-pain-sickle-cell.html about sickle cell had actually pushed her to pick up the pet project she abandoned regarding Sickle cell. The joy I felt when she told me it was because of my write up she had decided to visit the LUTH Hospital, donate drugs to them and become more active in creating awareness about sickle cell (HI5 to the new supporter).

Sometimes I want to just stop writing when I feel no one is reading but reviews like this make me so happy and make me realize I’m actually achieving the goals I started this blog for and people might not always comment or say anything but people are definitely reading and getting the message.

Thank you Annabel, you’ve definitely given me more reasons to keep writing. and with that, remember to KNOW YOUR GENOTYPE! SUPPORT THEM AND KEEP BELIEVING



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