On Friday 24th of July was my girl Annabel’s birthday, We had so much fun no doubt. She had a dinner were we all just chilled, gisted, cracked jokes and had enough oshofree (free things) food. All in all the day was a well spent day after a stressful week in Lagos traffic and going head to head with clients and bosses.

Now I’ve got to admit the day had me overjoyed, not because of the dinner were I was surrounded with friends (never a dull moment people) but the fact the post I wrote http://tracydabul.blogspot.com/2015/05/a-support-for-their-pain-sickle-cell.html about sickle cell had actually pushed her to pick up the pet project she abandoned regarding Sickle cell. The joy I felt when she told me it was because of my write up she had decided to visit the LUTH Hospital, donate drugs to them and become more active in creating awareness about sickle cell (HI5 to the new supporter).

Sometimes I want to just stop writing when I feel no one is reading but reviews like this make me so happy and make me realize I’m actually achieving the goals I started this blog for and people might not always comment or say anything but people are definitely reading and getting the message.

Thank you Annabel, you’ve definitely given me more reasons to keep writing. and with that, remember to KNOW YOUR GENOTYPE! SUPPORT THEM AND KEEP BELIEVING




So last week, mummy dearest got transferred out of Lagos, when she broke the news to me, I had different emotions running through my mind. I was happy for her no doubt cause it was something she has always wanted but at the same time, I was sad, cause now she wasn’t going to be home with me to always have our little night gossips. Unfortunately I am not a good pretender so my displeasure at the transfer was written all over my face especially when I stepped out for a few hours and came home to see her all packed for a week away trip. Immediately I let it all out about how could she be so excited to be leaving me here all alone ( I know I know, I couldn’t help the baby in me). Anyway, mummy being the mummy she is, sat me down and gave me a well deserved lecture. She made sure to remind me how I went off to uni all excited every time I had to resume, How I should also realize I was going to leave her pretty soon to start my own family and finally, how she was never going to leave me, that being kilometers away wasn’t going to stop or reduce our communications (thank God for GSM) and where she was was just an hour flight away so anytime I felt like coming or she could, we could always make a trip. Most importantly she loved me very much. After this, ashamed of myself would be an understatement to how I felt, I felt very embarrassed and selfish. This has always been her dream, to leave Lagos and now it had finally come, I was only thinking about me. Anyway we have longed kissed and made up and I am completely happy for her and her numb ONE supporter.

Now going to the main gist, an uncle had his birthday on saturday July 11th and decided to visit the motherless, he wanted where he knew his contribution would be felt and I have no doubt he achieved that aim. We went to the sisters of mother Theresa home at Alapere, a trip I intend to make. At that home, they had them all, the kids who were just homeless, those who were homeless with different kind of disabilities ( autism, down syndrome etc). I saw kids who couldn’t stand up cause their legs were probably premature or the bone couldn’t support them, I saw kids who couldn’t control themselves, they needed support to do everything, I saw little babies who had been dropped off at just 5 days old, they were even kids with high sensitivity they couldn’t let them out, all I kept hearing were screams from them. All these kids I saw were so happy and full of smiles when we walked in. Even those who couldn’t stand were jumping on their beds when we walked in with joy. I have been to motherless babies homes, but this had its effect on me, not just me alone but every other person that took that trip.

There and then my mind ran back to my little drama some days back when Mummy told me she was transferred. Look at these beautiful kids who were so happy that strangers came to visit, they had no parent but are completely grateful. I have my both parents and cause one of them has gotten what she has always wanted, my greed didn’t let me rejoice with her. Immediately I said a quick prayer asking God for forgiveness, thanked God for my life and what I had, thank god for the sisters who had dedicated their lives to taking care of these kids and I decided to support mummy dearest the best way i can.

Many times we find ourselves angry at loved ones and people whenever we do not get our way, we fail to realize there are people who beg to have half the opportunity we have, people who can do anything just to be in our shoes. So why complain? why not be grateful at all times and take everything that happens as God having a better plan for us rather than getting upset and angry. Let’s start today to stay grateful and thankful and learn to keep an open mind to everything and remember, PRAY WITH FAITH AND BELIEVE GOD HAS YOU COVERED.



 Whoop!!!! Guess who’s baaack, yours truly…………. Meeeeeee and I’m back to get this blog back on track.

So I had to go MIA for a while, had to go serve my country (NYSC) and I am proud to say I have officially finished the first stage which was the Orientation camp, now for the next stage, the primary assignment where I have to work in an office for a year and get paid by the government and hopefully the office I’m asked to work in so don’t try me oh I am a Government pikin.

The 3 weeks at the orientation camp was a mixture of frustration, fun, anger and well drama all wrapped in one place located at Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos. Checked into the camp on a tuesday, went by 8.30am so I could get everything done on time but alas, after being stepped on, pushed and screaming my lungs out, I finished and finally found my way to my room by 8.00pm. The frustration from this first day had tears I had promised not to shed rolling down my cheeks. Finally bathed and on my bed which was all manner of uncomfortable, I finally drift off to dreamland then came the voices that had my eyes wide open, I checked my time, it was 1.30am and almost everyone was already up and bathed, the adrenaline of being a new corper was in full swing. The noise had me up till the bugle was blown by 4.45am, my pain knowing I had lost 3 hrs 15 mins sleep. The morning drill was a little fun even though I wasn’t exactly happy I had to be up that early. The first 3days of camp was hell due to the registration and practicing for the swearing in ceremony, We did a lot of standing and this had affected my legs so much I kept wondering how i was going to survive the main event.

Finally swearing-in day to officially become a corper, everyone was happy, all dressed in their full ceremonial outfit, snapping pictures and chatting away. The main part of the event when we all had to stand like soldiers under the hot sun for almost 4hrs. I had heard a lot about the swearing in, how people fainted, so I was seriously looking forward to having a good laugh, I even told my new friends how I was going to put up a fainting show to spice up things and best believe, I put up the best show ( I should honestly think of going into acting though). My leg pain show was so epic almost everyone around me was panicking except those who knew the drill even though some that knew thought I was being real till I came clean.

The next week was way better than the first, the stress had reduced drastically, I had made new amazing friends (Excel, Dvyne, Babs, Ore, Vivian, Vanessa, Kiibati, Damilolas, Kofo, Zainab….. the list goes on) and Social activities were in full swing. As time passed, wallets were dry from regular mammy night visits, gists were going round about sexual activities between corpers and how some were even caught being naughty under the big canopy. There was this particular guy in my platoon who had like 4 babes he claimed were his chics, wonder if they knew or just chose to ignore (Guy definitely came prepared). Even married women weren’t left out, some came to have fun and fun did they have.

Finally the camp was coming to an end, at this point I had put on 6kg from eating junk, I was extremely happy to be going home, I missed my bed and my toilet and the family no doubt but keep down I was going to miss having my new friends all in the same place all the time cracking me up.

The 3 weeks in camp were the longest, annoying, interesting and endurance period of my life, I appreciate the experience even though I think 3 weeks is too long.

P.S; Don’t be deceived, people say you lose weight in camp, when you have mammy market operating and the only time you can visit is from 6pm cause that is when you are completely free from camp activities, how will you not eat junk. Anyways I am over trilled to be back home and back here so keep refreshing cause I’m definitely posting soon.