Awoof sweet no be lie and as I love my readers, e good make a share this awoof with una. Sha make e no run your belle oh…
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Over the week, I kept seeing different updates from different social media all saying #RIPAwele, at first I just scrolled past, but when the same name and face kept popping up I felt I should dig deeper into the cause so I messaged one of the many people and asked what took her life. The pain I felt when I heard she lost the battle to SICKLE CELL. It was like rain falling in my head cause right there I started remembering loved ones and friends who had died from the same ailment, I even remembered friends and loved ones still suffering from it. I went back to Instagram to read stories about her, and then it hit me that I had actually watched her documentary a year ago about her battle with the disease, I even cried back then while watching it cause I didn’t understand how she did it, she was so strong while telling us about her battles, she was full of life and even on her sick bed was still cracking up.

I remembered reading an article about a lady and her husband who were both AS and as the writer put it “love conquered all and even with their incompatible genotypes decided to get married” This family unfortunately lost a kid to sickle cell, they adopted a child and God blessed them with another who turned out AS. Reading that article I was so mad and irritated at the writers choice of describing the family. I started accusing parents who had kids with sickle cell for actually knowing the risk they stand getting married and the fact they still go ahead with it. But after doing a research, I found out a lot of people do not even know about it, I started asking people around me if they knew their genotype, and while talking to my uncle about the whole  sickle cell and how genotype compatibility was necessary, he confessed he honestly didn’t even know that was how it came about. He just felt some people were just born that way, he didn’t realize it was related to genotype.
Sadly this is the story with many others, A lady with a 2year old daughter actually found out how sickle cell is gotten when she was 5 months pregnant, by then it was too late, therefore decided to start an awareness before her kid was even born and today her awareness is doing really well. There are people who have this illness but decide to hide it cause of society, and what they will say. Some hate self pity so buckle it up just to avoid it.
The pain they feel, the inner war they have to fight, the struggle to survive. These people are the real MVP, They are the strongest of warriors and it is only right we support than lash out at them, We should all stand up and encourage each other. We don’t have to not be SS to actually speak out. We should all learn to work together, donate blood if we can, and lend a shoulder when we can. Cause believe it or not, these little gesture of kindness will go a long way.
Rest in peace to all the ones we’ve lost to sickle cell anemia and for those fighting, remember. We are all praying and here supporting you always.


Have you ever been in that state where your so drunk you start praying and begging God seriously to take the drunkenness away, you even go as far as telling him you promise to stop drinking if you make it through the highness ALIVE. Omo I wont lie, I have and that phase wasn’t funny attol attol even though now thinking about it I laugh alot, at the things I and my friends said and did.

It was my 22nd birthday, I think I woke up as they say when you wake up moody “on the wrong side of the bed”. Everything just felt off. I felt old, booless and completely not me. Even though my friends had helped me organize a dinner later at night, I just wasn’t excited or looking forward to it. Thankfully the dinner time came, still moody and seriously praying the night will just end already, I put on my dinner dress and YIKES! the zip decides to go ghetto on me (what more could go wrong). As I wasn’t in the mood and couldn’t even be bothered anymore about the dinner, I wear my dress like that with the help of safety pin sha then my girls and I headed out to meet the anxiously waiting other friends. Dinner was served, still feeling off I couldn’t eat, I just watched everyone eat. 9:30pm I’m finally feeling relieved that the night is about to end, my friends decide to sing me the birthday song (I love my friends mehn won’t trade then for nothing. erm maybe $1,000,000 thou. lol) Anyways while the song is going on some guy walks up and says it’s his friends birthday too and being his friend has never met a birthday mate his declaring drinks bill on him( God bless him). Omo na so direction change oh. The guys were all doing the whole vodka and things and so we girls decided to do ” ‘TEQUILA SHOTS” and shots we did. The waiters kept bringing in more bottles, the lime and salt finished but that didn’t stop us. We just kept going, the “moody me” at that point was now the “super excited birthday girl”.

12:00am, my friend was all laid up on the floor telling who ever cared to listen not to tell me she was drunk oh, cause she wasn’t. Another friend kept cursing her boyfriend out for being a cheat and she was sure he was with some other babe that’s why he hadn’t called. And me, well I had to be flogged to stop screaming and led upstairs when we got home so I don’t roll down the stairs. I remember all the horrible thoughts alcohol had done to people flooding inside my mind, I remembered a movie I had watched about a lady who was so wasted she passed out. At that point all I could do was pray, cause even though I felt over excited from the alcohol, my inner body just didn’t feel right. After throwing up twice, I finally slept, woke up the next day with a splitting headache, torn dress, broken phone screen and broken toe nail. Stayed in bed all day next day cause

the hangover been no dey here. My other friends that were high threw up too and had to stay in bed all day like me. Grateful for my kind of friends, when they see some of us are almost wasted, they stop drinking so they can stay sane and watch over the drunken ones so we don’t get into wrong hands and tell us the story when we’re sane ( This role I got to play a lot after this alcohol experience). Anyway, after this experience, I ran away from dear alcohol, and if I must drink, a tiny amount since my head is light, and i’m done.

I’m sure many of us have had our own fair share of alcohol, some stories you hear and just can’t stop laughing, others you hear and can’t stop feeling sorry for them. The movie Hangover made us see the good and bad of excessive drinking, watching the movie again just triggered my own alcohol experience,  so I decided to share. That being said DRINK RESPONSIBLY. hehehe