HAPPINESS…. (The most important part of life)

So my girl Simi writes this beautiful piece about happiness on her blog and I just had to get her permission to share it with you all. The write-up reminds me a lot about my new year resolution which is based on “My happiness”.

Many times we find ourselves completely forgetting about us while trying to please people around us. I remember sitting down to actual reflect on my life, mistakes I had made, friends I had lost through silly fights and the cruel hands of death. I thought about the plan I had for myself that had gone so opposite from what I was facing, I concluded God had a better plan for me, I just had to keep believing in him. I also thought about relationships I had entered, friends I had tried to force myself on that ended up hitting me in the face. I thank God everyday cause those experiences was more an eye opener helping me  know more about life and how to become stronger through every disappointments and setbacks. So when I came across Simi’s post I was like “Hey why not share this beautiful post with you all”. Below is what she wrote;


“Happiness is a mood not a destination”
This is a sentence I use a lot. and it makes a whole lot of sense to me..
Happiness is a skill you can build with consistent practice, you have the ability to control how fulfilling your life is.
Happiness should not be tied to a person other than yourself, sadly, most times we cant help it, especially when it comes to someone you love, or things you love, which is only natural.
someone once said to me” since I met you your always happy, even when you are not happy your happy” and I thought to myself ” It took a while for me to get here and hearing this about me makes me happy”
The mistake a lot of people make, most especially women is tie their happiness to a particular person OTHER than themselves: boyfriend! husband! (this is not a sub lol), it comes somewhat natural but its totally wrong. whatever the person does to you affects you, physically, emotionally, even mentally. It changes you.
If your going to tie your happiness to someone else, keep some for yourself. this keeps you sane lol. Trust me. Self Happiness,  from within is very important, keeps you balanced to every situation that comes your way.
Also never stop doing what you love even if its mutual, this is wrong in a lot of ways. keep doing what you love, this ensures you still have a lil bit of you in what ever situation your in.( Relationship)
My Point is Happiness has a lot to do with you than anybody else, don’t waste your time being grumpy when you can be happy.
Also Positive thoughts is key, DO NOT try to compare yourself to anyone else, we are all different and that makes us special in different ways.
“Happiness is a Choice not a Result, Nothing would make you happy unless you choose to be Happy”
Remember not to blame feelings on others. Your feelings are by definition “what you choose to feel.” So next time someone hurts you, let go of their careless words and choose to be HAPPY.

This beautiful piece was written by Simileoluwa Onagoruwa, you could read more wonderful articles on her blog ” http://cicisimie.blogspot.com/“.

A friend once wrote “You can’t put a price-tag on peace of mind”, your happiness is all that matters, the fact we wake up everyday is enough reason to be happy, So start today doing things that make you happy and stay positive, pray and be rest assured, God got us all covered.




One thought on “HAPPINESS…. (The most important part of life)

  1. Fola Lawanson says:

    When you tie your happiness to a person, you put your destiny in their hands. Took me forever to learn this, good thing I have the rest of my life to live with this valuable lesson. I agree it's the most important part of life, without it you exist, not live. waiting for your next write up. Hugs and kisses.


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