Funny how everyone of us have actually changed money from those mallams that stay on the road side at Shitta Surulere, Allen Ikeja, Sheraton Abuja, and so many other places I don’t even know about.

A couple of people might have heard about it, some even fallen victims of their evil plot.

So 3 weeks ago, I went out with my girls and on our way back home, we had to pass through and change money, we went to Federal palace but the bureau men couldn’t be found probably had gone to sleep. We decided to check Eko hotel, we got lucky and saw one standing outside. Driving towards the man, one of my friend started telling us how she was once duped by a bureau man at the Benin border, asking her to explain further, she said when she changed the money, she counted it in front of him and it was complete, getting home the money looked shortened so she decided to count again and found out ten thousand(10, 000) was missing. How it happened only God knows, My other friends confirmed it that they had heard of such before, some even said you could get home and discover all the money gone. Shock was an understatement, I was horrified beyond words, how wicked and evil can some people get? I still look for the answer. Two weeks after this discovery, my colleague came to work looking gloomy. After asking what was wrong, she told me how she was just duped at Allen Ikeja. She stopped to change money, she  had counted the complete money in front of the man and getting to the bank to deposit, the money was shortened. This was real proof to me this thing wasn’t just talk, it was REAL!!!

After thinking of what to write about today, I decided to tell this little tale and advice anyone who wants to change money to always go to a bureau the change office. It’s better safe than sorry.



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