So after much thinking and racking my brain about what to get busy with while I’m just sitting in the office mopping, I decided to join the thousand and one other people and start a blog.

First of all, I would love to introduce myself, My names are Tracy-Maria Nguamo Dabul, I’m a 5.3 short( although my colleague would say average) girl. birthday is october 15th and I’m proud to add I share this day with my best friend(my mother). I love meeting new people and learning new things, and yeah, I love cooking although work has made that almost impossible. I’m extremely lazy, trying really hard to work on that and yeah I use to be  a sucker for love even though now I’m proud to say that shii overrated don’t get me wrong oh, love exists and its a beautiful thing when shared with the right person, but trust me it’s not the way the movies make them look especially Telemundo…….

Anyways no need for much talk, have to get back to work, I’ll be posting soon so watch the page and see you all soon mwaaah….



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